Meet Our Staff

The installation service for Pastor John Koczman on Sunday, November 3, brought many pastors from the area to celebrate and welcome Pilgrim's new Pastor.


These beautiful anniversary banners were created by Laurie Bredehoft. 

The doxology inspires the collection of wall hangings.

Since the dawn of time God placed His loving Hand on all creation, especially His crown creation — mankind. Since the fall of man, God sought to save us through faith in His promise of the Messiah. The vine that travels across the pieces represents the continuity of promise throughout the ages. He is the vine, awe are the branches called to produce His good fruit. 

At the burning bush, God first identifies Himself by the name, Yahweh, I am who I am. He provided His Law that points to our sin and reminds His children of their needs for the promised Messiah. 

At the correct time, God is born of Mary by the Holy Spirit to fulfill all prophesies as Jesus, true God and true man, to die forthe sins of all who lived and those yet to be born. The sun represents the Light of the world, Jesus. His children are called to spread this gospel until His second coming. 

God the Holy Spirit lives inside of His children, empowering them to live for Him, spread the gospel message, glorifying Him in all they say and do.

The white streams of light not only show the path Jesus takes His children as they lpass to heaven, but by the power ofthe Holy Spirit, the energy and gifts directed to His childrento do His work, bearing good fruit on Earth. The glittering, surrounding crystal stars reflect God's promise th Abraham. By faith, you will have as many children as the stars in heaven. His redeemed children look forward to the blessing of heaven.

All glory to God!

Laurie Bredehoft